Jordan’s Ride has four routes to appeal to riders at ALL levels. Distances include 10, 30, 50 and 100 miles.

*Routes are subject to change based on roadwork schedules and logistical demands. Each rider will be issued an updated route map at packet pick-up. Any required last minute changes will be announced at the ride start. 

Click on the route names below to view each route map.

“Casual Ten” 10 Mile Route Map: (BEGINNER) Start Time: 11:00am.

The “Casual Ten” was created with the recreational rider in mind. This route of 9.6 miles has few elevation changes and is perfect for the beginner rider.

“Thrilling Thirty” 30 Mile Route Map: (BEGINNER to INTERMEDIATE) Start Time: 9:30am.

The “Thrilling Thirty” is for the beginner to intermediate rider. This 33.66 mile route will challenge you with a few good climbs but is a manageable route for a rider looking to challenge themselves.

“Fierce Fifty” 50 Mile Route Map: (INTERMEDIATE) Start Time: 8:30am.

Not quite ready to go “Insane”? Then the “Fierce Fifty” is for you. This 51.16 mile route has  plenty of challenge and will keep you working right to the end. This route is for the intermediate rider.

“Insane Century” 100+ Mile Route Map (ADVANCED) Start Time: 7:30am.

Welcome to the Valley’s craziest bicycle ride yet.  The Insane Century (106.35 miles) was created to give the serious cyclist a real challenge, and is absolutely for the experienced rider. It starts with the first half of the dump loop, then out to Middleton and on to South Slope, Up and down Old Freeze Out, on to 52 and over to Horseshoe Bend, then at mile 86 a class II  5 mile climb and back to Eagle.  With nearly 4,000 feet of climbing and 106 miles, it will test your metal.  There are a couple of opt outs if you are not quite ready to take it all on. We would love to have you take this on, but please be sure you are ready for it. This route is intended for advanced riders only.

11 Comments on “Routes

  1. Hi i have just a few questions since this is going to be my first bike riding event ever. Are there any aide stations and how often are they along route? Also are the streets going to be blocked off or are we responsible for riding on the side of the road/ stopping for stop lights/ signs as well as will there be people at the intersections so that we make sure we dont miss any turns? I know these may be silly questions but i just want to kind of know what to expect since this will be my first bike event. Thank you very much for any answers!

    • Great questions Dustin. Yes there will be aid stations along this route as well as motorcycle Marshalls to patrol the route and assistance vehicles to pick up any riders who cannot complete their route for any reason. The aid stations will have water and snacks And will be spaced 15-20 miles apart depending on your choosen route. The roads will not be blocked off so all riders bead to obey traffic laws. Each rider will be given a map of their route and there will be paint on the roads that will instruct you where to turn. We are so happy that Jordan’s Ride will be your first biking event and will make sure its a great experience for you.

  2. Stefan-

    We are excited to have you. Our ride is not a timed race, instead it is a casual ride where you can keep whatever pace you like. We had 137 riders last year. 30 riders took the 30 mile route and an additional 30 riders took the 50 mile route. I hope this information is helpful.

    • As of Aug. 30th we have 11 registered for the “Insane Century”. In 2014 we had a total of 28 that completed the route. This route is a tough one but everyone who completes it is says they enjoyed the challenge.

    • Jann-

      Maps for each route are available to view when you click on the route name. A PDF of the route should open as soon as you click it. Please let me know if you have any problems viewing the maps after clicking on the route name.

  3. This looks like it will be lots of fun. I do not know if I could ride 30 miles, but would like to try for somewhere around 20 miles. 10 miles seems like it would be over too quickly. Any ideas as to what I could do like start early and ride the 10 mile twice, or take a turn off from the 30 mile that would put it around the 20 mile mark?

    • Bruce-

      We would love to have you! I do have a route that would work for you that follows our 30 mile route but turn around early giving you a 20 mile route. I would suggest leaving with the 30 milers and making this turn if 20 miles feels more comfortable to you. I will email you the route.

      Thanks for contacting us and we hope to see you on Sunday, Sept. 11th!

  4. Do we pick up the packets and t-shirts the morning of the ride? I have never done an organized ride so I don’t know how things work? Also, will there be parking or should I park somewhere else and ride in? Thanks for the info

    • Keith, each event is different but for our event you will be able to pick up your packet and t-shirt on-site the day of the ride. Parking is available on-site but fills up quickly. Once the main parking lot is full, participants will be directed to a second parking location which is adjacent and a short ride in. Let me know if you have any further questions.

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