Reducing the risks

Currently there is no way to predict or prevent SIDS/SUDC. Parents can do everything “right” and still lose their loved ones to SIDS/SUDC. Research has not provided any known ways to reduce the risks of SUDC. However, there are ways to greatly reduce your risks of SIDS.  

  1. Place infants on their backs to sleep.
  2. Place infants to sleep in a baby bed with a firm mattress. Remove any pillows, bumper pads, positioning devices, blankets and toys.
  3. Do not place your baby to sleep in an adult bed.
  4. Do not let you baby overheat.
  5. Avoid exposing the infant to tobacco smoke.
  6. Offer your baby a pacifier at nap time and bedtime.
  7. Breast-feed whenever possible.
  8. Get medical care early in pregnancy.

CLICK HERE to see what a safe sleep environment looks like.


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